A Depository facilitates holding of securities in the electronic form and enables securities transactions to be processed by book entry by a Depository Participant (DP), who as an agent of the depository, offers depository services to investors. According to SEBI guidelines, financial institutions, banks, custodians, stockbrokers, etc. are eligible to act as DPs. The investor who is known as beneficial owner (BO) has to open a Demat account through any DP for dematerialization of his holdings and transferring securities. Demat Account can be opened by all types of investors.


Number of Accounts

More than one demat account can be opened in the similar / identical name and order with the same DP or different DPs and no minimum security balance is required. Investor can maintain Zero balance in their account

Joint Holders and Nomination

Individuals holding beneficial accounts on their own either can hold securities jointly (Maximum three holders) or a Demat account having the facility of nomination also for individual only. In the event of the death of one of the joint holders, the securities will be transferred in the names of the surviving holders. If the sole or all the joint holders are deceased, the shares will be transferred in the name of the nominee.

Statement of Account

A periodical statement of holdings and transactions is provided by DP. This can also be asked for from the DP. Change of Address: For change of address, if any, communication to your DP in writing is sufficient. The DP will ensure that the change is incorporated for all securities held in your demat account. You need not write to all the companies separately.

Loan Against Demat Shares

Investor can avail loan against Demat Securities from financial institution.
Transfer of Shares : Investor can transfer shares from their demat account through off-market transfer or market transfer instantly by giving signed delivery instruction slips to DP and no stamp duty is applicable as in physical shares.

Corporate Benefit

Corporate benefit (Financial and Non Financial) automatically distributed as per the details mentioned in the demat account (Address and bank details).


  • 24/7 Online Access Making things simpler for you is always our top priority. We provide personal Demat account users to have easy access to your holdings and transactions anytime, anywhere through our online back office access.
  • Excellent Customer Service You get the benefit of a dedicated team and a senior Relationship Manager that works exclusively in the Demat department to take care of your needs. We offer you guaranteed and timely account opening and execution of your transactions.
  • Comprehensive Statements You get a unique transaction-cum-holding-cum-billing statement every quarter to enable you to keep track of your transactions and investments.
  • Competitive tariff Plan Best Tariff plan which suits all type of investors. Click here to check latest suitable plan for you (PDF FILE OF DEMAT A/C.
  • Corporate Benefit Tracking Track your dividend, interest and bonus through your account statement.
  • Ease of Operation Investor has the option of operating his account from any of our branches.


  • Provide a copy of your PAN card along with a copy of your passport/ driving license / voter-ID card/ ration card as your proof of address.
  • Execute the DP-Investor agreement to be made available by DP.
  • Collect your unique account number (BO-ID) from your DP.
  • Collect pre-printed slips both for effecting dematerialization as well as delivery of securities.
  • Understand the cut-off timings from DP for depositing delivery instructions for trades done by you on the stock exchange.

Attached DP Tariff Plan file

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