Investing in the equity market has always been a tough decision for investors as there is a lot of research involved. With volatility becoming a nature of the Indian equity market, it is becoming more and more difficult to take market call. In such a situation, it is all the more important to have a more disciplined and systematic approach towards market investments through accurate equity research reports.
There is a popular saying “What the wise men do in the beginning, fools do that at the end“. We believe in identifying the market and the stocks to invest in at its very promising phase so that they deliver superior returns. Our wide-ranging research reports have proved to be accurate and reliable. Equity shares of a company allow an individual to carry voting rights. Therefore equity market investments are considered to be an important investment decision and should be carefully carried out after comprehensive research.

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To reduce the risk of capital erosion, it is necessary that you make well-versed decisions about shares. We guide you on both entry and exit strategy; the two types of equity markets, thus helping you maximize returns. Our concept of Equity Strategy investment based on 'Pyramid Model' has earned us admiration from Investors. We have supported software which wired to Market as a result producing Returns. Also your personal Investment Relationship Manager will be constantly monitoring your investment graph to help you guide over equity market volatility.

» Unique Strategy first time in Financial Market.
» We are buying gradually in bearish market and selling in bullish market with strictly disciplined by software.
» Very low risk & High return. » High returns due by automated software base trading – No personal/emotional decision involved.

We buy 50% Stock (AXIS BANK) and 50% Liquid Bees* at initial. Then if stock decline by 4% , we would add 10% of stock and same time sell same amount of Liquid bees and vice-a-versa the stock increase by 4%, we would sell 10% of stock and same time buy same amount of Liquid bees. This cycle would be continuing in range of 20% up & down stock movement. Here is practical example for last 12 months. (*Liquid Bees is NSE Listed Stock with average return 6.15% p.a. Interest is counted on daily basis.)

Systematic Investment In Axis Bank and Liquid Bees Value
Initial Investment 250000
Net Return from this strategy 43370
One Year Yield of Strategy 17.35% *
One Year Return of Sensex 3.88%
Holding Return of Lumsum Investment 1.98%

* Return of Strategy beat drastically to Sensex & Long Term Investments