Equity trading is the buying and selling of a company's stock shares for which one needs to open a demat account. An equity market is a platform for trading in company shares. It is also called as the stock market. Equity Trading is the process of buying and selling of shares in the secondary market with a view to profit from the difference in the buying price and selling price of the share.

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Benefits of Equity

  • Share market investments, in comparison to other types of assets, have given one of the best returns during inflation. This enables investors to maintain their current lifestyles without cutting costs even when the prices of goods are steadily increasing.
  • Equity, while being a risky investment, offers higher returns than a savings account or a fixed deposit because the profit that may be earned is virtually unlimited.
  • It is possible to minimize risks and maximize profits through the use of equity derivatives, specifically by trading in the Options market.
  • Using sound share market knowledge to invest in equity is the key to building a large corpus for a future financial need, because equity gives high returns in the long run.
  • Investing in the equity of reputable companies has the added benefit of dividends. Dividends are payments that shareholders receive from the company’s earnings. While giving them out is not compulsory, established businesses do pay dividends to increase their shareholder base.

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  • BSE, NSE Cash, Futures & Options, Commodity, Currencies all at one place.
  • In-house depository services to provide investors choice schemes
  • Exclusive equity research calls with 50+ research products to serve every kind of investor.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager for personalized services.
  • Advance Technical support like Online & Mobile Trading.