How do I apply for Investments in a fund?

  • Obtain an application form along with the Offer Document from your investment advisor / broker / agents, download it from our website or procure it from any of offices or investor servicecentres
  • Read and understand the Offer Document and complete the application form
  • Attach a cheque for the amount you would like to invest. You can also transfer the money electronically if you have an account in bank
  • The completed application can be mailed to or dropped off at any of AMC offices or investor service centers.

Where do I get applications?

The applications can be obtained from CAMS, SERVICE CENTREs / Fund offices or branches. Alternatively, they can be downloaded from the Website of the funds houses.

What documents do I need to submit with my initial application to buy units of mutual funds?

The following is a list of documents required by an investor while investing in mutual fund for the first time. Subsequent investments do not need these documents
Those who indicate "Individual" in the "Status" division of the application form

  • The application complete in all respects Those who indicate "Corporate" in the "Status" division of the application form
  • Certified copy of Memorandum of Association/ Articles of Association.
  • Board Resolution authorizing the company to invest in mutual funds.
  • List of authorized signatories with specimen signatures.

Those who indicate "Trust" in the "Status" division of the application form

  • Trust Deed.
  • List of authorized signatories with specimen signatures
  • Board Committee Resolution.

Those who indicate "Societies" in the "Status" division of the application form

  • Board Committee Resolution.
  • Bylaws
  • List of authorized signatories with specimen signatures

Those who indicate "Partnership Firms" in the "Status" division of the application form

  • Board Committee Resolution, Partnership Deed.
  • List of authorized signatories with specimen signatures

Where do I submit my application form?

The Application can be mailed to or dropped off at any of offices of AMC or investor service centers

Are there any minimum amount limits for subsequent purchases in the same scheme?

Yes, limits of minimum amount are applicable for additional purchases for schemes and will be mentioned in the Offer Document.

How can I transfer money between various schemes? Do loads Prevail?

Yes, you can switch between schemes/investment options/plans. You need to complete a transaction slip, which you can download from website or detach from the bottom of your account statement. A switch from one scheme to the other is treated as redemption from the scheme from where it is switched out & a purchase into the scheme into which it is being switched. Thus you will be liable for any 'applicable' entry load, exit load, or CDSC

What is a lock-in period for my units?

Lock-in period is a time span during which the money invested cannot be redeemed. In the case of open-ended funds there are no lock in periods, however in the case of tax saving funds a minimum lock-in period of 3 years is applicable.

What is a Switch?

Some Mutual Funds provide investor with an option to shift his investment from one scheme to another within that fund this option is known as switching. Investors can opt to switch units between Dividend Plan and Growth Plan at NAV based prices. Switching is also allowed into/from open-ended schemes currently within the Fund family or schemes that may be launched in the future at NAV based prices.

While switching between Debt and Equity Schemes, one has to take care of exit and entry loads. Switching from a Debt Scheme to Equity scheme involves an entry load while the vice versa does not involve an entry load.

Switches are subject to loads depending upon the Scheme details.

Is there a limit to transfer of money from one scheme to another?

Yes, the target scheme will have the minimum subscription amount as specified in the Offer Document.

What is the applicable NAV for switch?

Switch requests are affected the day the request for switch is received. The Applicable NAV for the switch will be the NAV on the day that the request for switch is received

Can an investor appoint a nominee for his investment in units of a mutual fund?

Yes. The nomination can be made by individuals applying for / holding units on their own behalf singly or jointly. Non-individuals including society, trust, body corporate, partnership firm, Karta of Hindu Undivided Family, holder of Power of Attorney cannot nominate.

How do Minors apply?

Parents / Lawful Guardians can apply on behalf of a Minor. They can sign the application on behalf of the Minor and status of the Investor in the Account Statement would also reflect the same.

Can an investment be made in joint names?

Yes, investments can be made in joint names.

How many joint names are permissible?

Two joint names are permissible.

What do u mean by "Joint" or "either or survivor"? What option should I opt?

When an investment is made joint mode of holding it means the units are in both the names and transactions needs signature of both. On the other hand when one opts for either or Survivor it means the units are in both the names but transaction can be carried out by either the individuals. And in case if one of them is dead the transaction is not stopped. But in the case of joint holding the living individual have to submit the dead certificate along with the application to the AMC. Thus either or survivor is a better option

Is there a time period to submit the application form?

Yes there are cut-off time before which investor should submit the transaction so that he can take the advantage of that day’s NAV so that if in case the NAV increases the next day he would get less units.

Is Permanent Account Mandatory?

Yes, PAN is mandatory when the investment is or more than Rs. 50, 000.